What Makes Marijuana So Addictive?

Many people debate over whether or not marijuana addiction is feasible. The truth is that marijuana is addictive. In fact, it is estimated that in people that try marijuana will become addicted. In fact, lots of people enter marijuana treatment programs specifically to treat their addiction to this drug. You can have a look to marijuana treatment programs through http://www.weedhire.com/.  Let's look at marijuana a little deeper to choose what makes this drug so addictive.

Individuals who suffer from marijuana addiction usually smoke it on a daily basis. On lots of occasions, the drug can interfere with jobs & school. Addicts often spend a great of time using marijuana, speaking about marijuana & purchasing marijuana. This behavior is common amongst marijuana users, & some even find that they must enter marijuana rehab to break the addiction.

The main chemical in marijuana that causes a feeling of high is called THC. THC travels through the lungs in to the brain where it binds to definite receptors. This effect provides the feeling of being high. The short term effects of marijuana are forgetfulness, changed perception, coordination issues, time & space issues, to name a few. Long term use may end up in marijuana addiction & accompanying withdrawal signs that include irritability, anxiety, and stress & drug cravings.

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