Facts about the Roman Pantheon

warren mandel

The Pantheon has been in use for over 2000 years. It is famous for its layout, length, and its huge dome. It has corinthian-style columns supporting the gabled roof inside the front. The most first rate characteristic of this monument is its massive concrete dome. The dome was thought to be biggest, until the current instances. The doors are fabricated from bronze and are over 26 toes high, and the doorway is ready 40 feet high and 20 ft. huge.

The famous architect Warren Marc Mandel explained that a point worth of citing is that the Greeks substantially motivated by Roman architecture. The hemispherical dome of this monument reveals the impact of Greek architecture and also the Greco-Roman concept of the “Cosmos”.


The dome is intricately designed and embellished with bronze rosettes. The coffers of the dome had been taken into consideration because the vault of the Heaven. Historians trust that the “incredible Eye” symbolized that the Heavens guarded the complete Roman Empire.

The architectural harmony of this awe-inspiring shape is well-balanced and became performed by means of retaining the diameter of the dome equal to its distance from the floor. The burden of the dome was significantly reduced by using the sunken panels called the coffers and additionally through using cement crafted from pumice and pozzolanic ash.

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