Top 3 Apps for Language and Travel

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When travelling you should be familiar with the different languages spoken abroad. In some countries English is used as the universal language whereas in others people use their own national language. Therefore, it is essential to have the right apps to help you understand the language in other countries and given below are the top 3 apps for this very purpose:

1. Google Translate

Google translate supports approximately 103 languages with an offline support for about 52 languages. It not only translates what you type in the app but also lets you take a picture from your camera and translates the written text in the picture. This is useful for when trying to understand menus at a local restaurant or reading the road signs while travelling to foreign countries.

2. Duolingo

This app covers approximately 23 major languages spoken around the world. It helps you learn the basics of the language you wish to learn which in turn helps you communicate with the local population on your trip. To add on, this app is free which gives you all the more reason to download it right away.

3. Trip Lingo

This app helps you translate short phrases to understand foreign languages while travelling. Features such as a voice translator and details of nearby local emergency numbers make this app a must have while travelling. Moreover, this app is also free which means it provides you with multiple services without emptying your pockets.

Language is an important factor that can act as a barrier while travelling. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome this barrier by using these 3 apps or other Thai apps which serve as a guide to help you enjoy your next trip.

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