Top 3 Adventures To Do In Sandakan

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Sandakan is a great vacation destination. However, for someone who is planning a trip to Sandakan for the first time, it might be hard to look for places to visit or activities to do. Hence, below is a list of top three adventures to do in Sandakan.

1. River cruises

A good idea would to go on an afternoon river cruise over the River Kinabatangan, the second largest river in Malaysia. It a great place to witness endangered wildlife species such as monkeys and elephants and experience the wildlife with great awe. You may also encounter exotic plants and five distinct habitats that form part of the lower Kinabatangan floodplain. It will be both a relaxing and adventurous experience, as there is always a possibility of finding threatened Sumatran rhinoceros or proboscis monkeys on your cruise.

2. Sandakan Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

The Sandakan Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre is one of the main reasons for visiting Sandakan. If you are an animal lover that it is certainly an experience you should not miss out on. It is an incredible forest reserve, where you can witness orangutan closely.

3. Gomantong Caves

You must definitely visit the Gomantong caves. They are located in the lower section of the Kinabatangan River. These are marvelous cave structures filled with beautiful bird nests. These are also a source of income for the locals who collect these nests from the high cave ceilings and sell it to Chinese Medicinal Halls.

Therefore, tours from Sandakan also offer you great packages that cover trips to these exciting places.

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