Things to consider while purchasing fish

When purchasing seafood online there are several things that one should keep in mind to avoid purchasing stale products. In this way you or your family can avoid getting sick.

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Below are a few things that you should take care of while purchasing fish online:

  • Smell

It is recommended to buy fish that has very little or no smell as it indicates that the product is fresh. Smell in fish indicates it is stale as it is caused by enzymes present in the digestive tract. This smell is similar to the odor of ammonia. It can also be an indication that fish has gone stale due to improper refrigeration.

  • Scales and skin

Loose or falling scales indicate that the fish is not fresh so it is recommended to select fish that has tight scales. Fresh product has scales that are bright, reflect light easily and have a metallic look. There should be a thin layer of mucus on the skin too.

  • Flesh and Tail

It is recommended to do a finger test. This means that if you poke your finger in the flesh it should be easily indented but not be mushy. It should not get separated from the bones either. Similar to the flesh, the tail should also be firm. In case of fillets, if the flesh bounces back it indicates it is fresh.

These are some things that one should consider while purchasing or getting fish from  fresh seafood delivery Sydney.

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