There is no secret that the United States is the most sue happy, litigious society on earth. It is important to note that many of these lawsuits are a necessary component of our legal system, and possibly the only means to right many of the wrongs that occur in our society on a daily basis. […]

In part one of this series, we discussed the importance of both saving and legally protecting your assets, especially in the face of economic uncertainty. Making the decision to plan for the future of your estate is not only responsible – it is essential. A physician could certainly give you advice, but a neurologist who […]

An estate planning lawyer is someone who provides the legal education and skill after they have mentored people for a long time and gathered the required experience. The lawyer guides and is aware of their clients on protecting their affairs to get ready for just about any situation that may arise, like mental disability or […]

One, or more, trusts are often included to provide more control and logic to an estate plan. If you are considering the addition of a trust in your house plan, deciding which type of trust to use can be complicated. To get more information regarding the choice of the trust, you can consult Framingham irrevocable trust […]