Stunning Wedding Bands for Couples

A wedding band is significantly a ring solemnizing the custom of marriage. It consists of a metal ring, which might be fitted with precious stones. A wedding band is generally worn on what is known as the ring-finger. The concept of the wedding band seems to have originated in Egypt. Plant sections were worn, symbolizing love and courtship. You can also click here to buy wedding rings at affordable price.

The wedding band can be created from materials like gold, siver, distinct metal alloys or platinum eagle. They're available readymade at a jeweler's or may be made suiting a personal chioce of design along with material. The bands may be fashioned to suit your taste. The most popular versions are plain single bands or those who are stone-studded. In conception, only women practiced your custom of wearing "wedding bands".

Even so, modern times see men following this custom. Men are known to wear broader bands, compared to women, who prefer sensitive ones. The wedding band or even ring is worn about the day of the matrimony, or in some customs before marriage, in what is known as the engagement ceremony. In the case of a western marriage ceremony before solemnizing, the wedding ceremony band/ring is kept with a plate or in the pouch.

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