Some pros and cons of the different types of wedding venues

Wedding Receptions 

The Types as well as Pros and Cons of Each Different Type of Reception

Windsor venues are available for any type of wedding reception you are planning to host, whether it would be a breakfast, lunch or a dinner reception. But before selecting any particular type of reception you will have to understand pros and cons of each of them to properly judge which option will be right for you. This is the topic we will be covering in the following sections to help you take the right decision.

What are the different types of wedding receptions and pros as well as cons each of them have?

windsor venuesBreakfast Reception: If there will an early morning wedding then in such situation breakfast reception will be the right option to select. However, some of the pros and cons of this type of reception you need to be aware of are:


  • Even a lavish breakfast will be cheaper than full course buffet or full service dinner. As such if you have budget constrains then breakfast reception will be the best option for you to select.
  • Another benefit will be that most of the invitees will prefer to have light drinks in the morning which will further reduce your expenditure.
  • Lastly, in case you have plans to go on a honeymoon trip that day itself then such breakfast reception will mean that you will get more time later in the day to complete your preparations.


  • Attendance could be low due to the time ceremony and reception will be held.
  • If guests are coming from far off locations then traveling early will become a major concern for such guests.
  • Getting ready quickly will become an issue for you so early in the morning.

Lunch Reception: In case you want to get enough time in hand to prepare after a morning ceremony then you should contemplate having a lunch reception. Let us now go through pros and cons of this type of wedding reception.


  • You will more time in hand to make necessary preparations and dress up properly.
  • Invitees will get enough time to travel and reach the venue without the need to hurry up.
  • You will still have enough time later in the day to leave for honeymoon.


  • Often receptions held in the afternoon during lunch tend to drag on and do not seem to end within stipulated time. Such delays/extra time could mean additional charges for you to bear.

Dinner Reception: Most newly wed couples look for Windsor venues offering dinner reception. Let us go through reasons for such preference.


  • Dinner receptions tend to be complete in every aspect, right from a dance or cake cutting and bouquet tossing.
  • You also get enough time to have a complete dinner where guests can mingle with each other.


  • This type of reception tends to be quite expensive and might not be the right option if you have a limited budget.

In Conclusion

To conclude we will say that each form of reception has its own pros and cons and selection will primarily depend upon your budget, time of the wedding ceremony will be held as well as personal preferences.


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