Side Effects Of Essure The Birth Control Device

After using birth control devices countless girls have come forward and reported issues including:

Adhesions, Scarring, Chronic pelvic pain, the Intense disease requiring hospitalization, Intestinal perforations and obstruction, Uterine punctures and tears, Ectopic pregnancy, Intense and strange bleeding, Migration or “disappearance” of this apparatus, Migraine, baldness, Stillborn kids, Coil eruption, Abscesses etc. You can also visit for info regarding Essure birth control device.

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The requirement to get a hysterectomy, Is this a class action?

No. Lawyers researching lawsuits against Bayer are searching to document cases on an individual basis. This usually means that every woman who wants to sue Bayer for her harms should file her own litigation and employ her own lawyer.

It’s our view that if this lawsuit goes forward, it’ll be on an individual basis rather than as a class action. You’re able to find out more about why suits between medical devices typically are not suited to class activities here.

Issues from Essure? Here Is What You Can Do

Get in contact with now by completing the form on this page or calling us here. Once you get connected, a lawyer can then reach out to you straight to find out more about your issues and also to describe how you might have the ability to take legal actions. There are a variety of barriers to overcome in this lawsuit, but lawyers consider they have a way to assist women to receive at the opportunity of suing Bayer and looking for reimbursement for their injuries.

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