Safety Tips For Using Cable Drum Stands

These stands are specialized for holding cable drums. They are big and weighty, which is why the displacement of such a machine requires patience, care and steadfastness. Given below are a few safety measures:


1. Have gloves on the entire time:

When having to relocate the cable drum stand, you must always have a thick pair of gloves on. The advantage of taking this precaution is that it gives a good grip to hold the stand firmly with your hands and move it to the desired position. This minimizes the chances of the stand from slipping away and causing destruction to nearby property or injury to the person in captivity of it.

2. Wear suitable footwear:

Before getting started with such work, you must consider being fully prepared; apparel-wise, that is. Proper shoes are preferred for this job. See if your footwear has a non-slippery sole, so that you have maximum friction on your side and a rigid surface that helps you get your cable stand all the way to where you want it without the risk of an accident happening and causing physical distress.

3. Put on a helmet:

Accidents are waiting just around the corner. Make sure you have protective headwear on so that your head is protected from any damage aimed for it.

4. Balance is key:

The use of tag lines is advised to control the cable drum’s rotation. Doing this provides enough assurance that the drum will be turned without delay and will not cause it to lose control or fall.

If you follow these safety procedures and have a keen eye on the equipment at hand, you are sure to get your work done with finesse!  

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