Questions To Ask Landscaping Contractor

Gone are the days when people lacked focus on the need to maintain a healthy and positive environment. It is scientifically proven as well that productivity in work increases manifolds where surroundings are healthy. Modern big business houses as well as new players have understood the need to maintain beautiful landscape and allocate some of the funds to it. Australia is known for its natural beauty, the flora and fauna. Choosing best landscapers sydney north shore is a matter of concern. landscape gardeners northern beachesdoes not have a one time job but a long term association. The service of landscape is required in residential areas, commercial office spaces and manufacturing units as well. Here are a couple of questions that needed to be asked to a landscaper:


Is he going to provide a full proof blueprint of the plan before execution

A plan is the first step before any major task to be undertaken. Blueprint is basically the north shore landscape on paper raw design that is later converted into practical action. Going through the blueprint by the client will help in identifying any inconsistency with client’s requirement so that the same can be corrected before actual carrying out of the task.

Does he provide maintenance facilities as well

Landscaping and gardening is not a one time process. Time to time maintenance is also important to keep the elements of landscape lively and fresh. Gardeners Northern Beaches have to keep themselves proactive in the approach. Flowers and grass turf must be watered timely, ensure no weed growing, maintaining cleanliness etc are some of the maintenance task.

What is the comprehensive price in which services will be provided

Budget is the primary limit to the total landscaping effort. Client must openly discuss his budget and the cost of services with the landscaping contractor to choose most appropriate design in the budgeted cost.

Any certificate held by contractor

Landscapers are generally certified by regulatory authorities. Ask about any such certificate obtained.


Ask for previous clients, other jobs undertaken and take their reviews about landscaper.

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