Purpose of the Law for the Society

Law plays an integral role in our lives and society. Law acts as the guideline for the society which helps in maintaining peace and harmony in the society. The law is the rules and regulations which act as a social mediator between various citizens of the society. The legal principles help in tying various human relationships in the society. Therefore, the law helps in the organization of the society. Without law, we cannot imagine our society to exist. The notions help in maintaining the society’s security and bring stability in the society. It also ensures justice and equality among all citizens. This common rules and regulations are accessible to everyone.

The lawyer is the representatives of the law who represent the third client and have the special responsibility of the justice. The primary duty of the lawyer is to advise clients about the particular case. Lawyers help in maintaining a legal system of the country. They should do proper research on the case and should loyally respect various clients. There are different types of lawyers who specialize in various areas. The family law attorney Johnson city tn online gives information about all family lawyers who have expertise in handling the cases related to the family law.

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