As many readers will know by this time, turmeric is an outstanding anti-oxidant. As such, it has a powerful anti-cancer capability, starting with helping to clean up dangerous free radicals and also starving cancerous tumors of their blood supplies. There is much ongoing research on the subject, but the consensus is that giving you canine […]

Shih Tzu training must be handled with gentle, consistent methods that target the important aspects including all of the basic training commands. As well as, as with any type of dog breed, positive reinforcement is most essential in terms of Shih Tzu training associated with any type. Shih Tzus produce the absolute perfect partner as these […]

Jack Russell Terriers are dogs that were bred to hunt. They're alert and cheerful dogs with lots of energy. They are busy dogs who definitely are always exploring their surroundings, probably looking for their next quarry. They are very intelligent, quick considering dogs that learn easily, but may have an independent streak as well. If […]