My Overview of Worldwide Brands

In this Worldwide Brands review I plan to talk about what WWB is, what's good about it and bad about it – and finally what the alternatives to Worldwide Brands are.

Worldwide Brands – The Directory

You may have already read this elsewhere, but Worldwide Brands is not a wholesaler or dropshipper itself – it's directory of about 8k suppliers, all of them verified as legitimate by the WWB staff and editor.

From these suppliers there are about 16 million products listed at wholesae prices, and only through Worldwide Brands will you be able to make contact with them as many cannot be found on Google.  Worldwide Brands has by far the largest directory of products.

There are suppliers for popular branded goods as well as generic products, and there are some very unusual niches covered in WWB that are not found easily elsewhere.

One key advantage WWB has over the competition is that they offer 'light bulk' – which is buying in bulk but with fairly low minimum orders, such as between $150 and $250 per order.

The main negative about WWB is the price – it's the most expensive directory to join at nearly $300, however, there are often discounts and coupons available that reduce this by up to $50.

The Alternatives

There are two main competitors to Worldwide Brands: Salehoo and Doba.  While Doba is only a dropshipping service, a middleman for those who want to drop ship goods directly to customers and have no need for wholesalers, Salehoo is much more similar to WWB.  However, while WWB has over ten million products, Salehoo has far less – only 1.6m listed from wholesalers and drop shippers.

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