Maintain SEO And Web Page Position When Migrating Your Website

One of the primary concerns when moving your website to a new host company or sector is the impact the migration will have on Guaranteed SEO service. If done improperly, a website migration can devastate a quality page position and make recovery a time-intensive and costly SEO procedure. To get some more detail about the positioning of websites you can visit

Maintain SEO And Web Page Position When Migrating Your Website

Migrating a site to a new host company or IP deal with is a simple task in terms of maintaining page position. As long as the website URL remains unchanged, a website’s page position should not be affected when switching website hosts or changing a website IP deal with. The recommended actions to finish this procedure include:

Install and build a new web server environment using the new host company or IP deal with.

Install a duplicate copy of the website on the new web server environment. Analyze the new website using a temporary hostname to make sure the website hosting service account is working properly.

Once testing is finished, update sector records to divert the website hostname to the new IP deal with. DNS can take 24-48 hours to finish replication through the Internet, so this modify may not be instantaneous.

Test the new DNS name resolution to make sure guests are rerouted to the new website.

Once you have verified that look for search engines are listing Web Pages on the new website (again, taking up to 48 hours), you can safely deinstall the old website.

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