Lining up the Crowd with a Traditional Stanching and Rope

Lining up the crowd with a traditional stanching and rope!

Talking about crowd control or organized queuing, then you’re going to need something to keep a crowd from going all haywire and creating a messy situation as patience is vulnerable when asked to stand in line. Let us introduce you to the traditional Stanchion and Ropewe may probably see them all over and they seem to be the first choice for every place that may get crowded in a jiffy.

Why is Stanchion and Rope first choice?

Stanchions and rope offer a classic queuing solution along with style offered at an affordable price. These stanchions are heavy at the base and have a two loop on either side of the post, this allows for the ropes to be attached to both sides of the post creating the perfect balance of strength and stability.


Commonly used are Vellore and Braided ropes, these ropes are super strong and very either of them are attractive.

The Vellore ropes connect to either side of the posts to form a stern grip on a queue. Then you would have the Braided ropes, as the name suggests they are attractive, these braided ropes

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