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Technology has moved on apace and the core players in the various sectors of the computing sector investment in research and development which increases the speed of technology introduction with performance improvements or benefits outweighing the preceding technology that customers/users/consumers must take advantage of, or so that’s what they tell us.

For the developer community, I think that things haven’t changed all that much other than there a more defined lines to be drawn between types of programmers i.e. games vs corporate programs, mobile vs army. These differences are reflected in the tools and methodologies used by each group.

However, the fundamentals remain the same, identify a requirement and then meet that with some code. The execution various by user needs. I spent four years in the late 1980s working on Software Engineering and Systems Engineering products at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Browse if you want to take development skills to the next level with courses on popular programming languages, developer tools, software practices and applications.

The focus of this group I was part of was to create an integrated environment that utilized Independent Software vendors products in a frame that allowed the output of a single product to flow into the others as needed. This was done with client input via a direct mechanism of regular meetings and information flow to make a generic specification which might be utilized in industries like Aerospace, Defense, and Telco.

The assumption of building an integrated environment that encapsulated an array or products from top vendors in the vital areas of the software development cycle was, and possibly still is, the holy grail for systems and software development. Incorporating the process flow and model to the surroundings enabled two of the vital elements of development, a controlled process management capacity and the ideal tools for the ideal job

The non-technology element that an integrated environment doesn’t adequately address is the people. This is the very important part of the procedure for any software development project. Instilling discipline across a group isn’t easy and doesn’t get the attention it should. Many have tried to elevate the awareness of the role individuals play in software development, such as Tom de Marco, and the matter is that developing software is still viewed as an artisans job rather than a true expert function

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