How to replace leather sewing machine belt

Belt drives on leather sewing machines help in keeping the stitch tight and straight. A loose leather sewing belt can be a menace especially when you’re busy with bulk work. The best thing about leather sewing machine belt is that they can easily be replaced or changed with time. it’s a simple process and anyone can easily change the leather belt from the sewing machine. Follow these steps for easy replacing of leather belts for your machine.

Tools needed are a sharp knife or large scissors, ink pen or sharpie marker, 4-6 diameter nails and a pair of pliers.

Fold the new belt in the middle, and place it over the machine hand wheel. Half the belt goes in the front hole and half on the back hole, you can find this two holes on most machines are placed directly under the hand wheel. Make it tight as you secure it on the belt grove. Work the belt around the belt guard to get it in the right place.

Underneath the cabinet you will see two long ends pushed through to the end. As you look underneath you may find dirt build up underneath, clean it up and get the large pulley underneath pulled up towards the front. Mark and measure the pulley to make it better placed on your machine.

Make sure the metal hoops above the front and back of the large pulley to go through before looping. Get the belts through the loops as you work back half of the belt around the back ant bottom of the larger pulley. Pull it all the way down and make it tight but functional.

Leather sewing belts can easily wear and tear; they need proper replacing to keep them tight and functional. When leather sewing belts are not replaced they can lead to breakdown of machines. Best practice for sewing machine owners is to replace dirty belts and oil them. Follow the above simple instructions and replace your old belt with a new one. If the belt is not placed correctly it can break, breaking means it cannot function properly. You can buy a roll of leather sewing belt to keep in case your machines need to be replaced. Buy high quality belts for durability and that they may last longer. Replacing leather sewing belts is essential for all machines prone to wear and tear. With most machines it’s just a one step process but with heavy duty machines it takes longer. Measure the recommended size of the belt and replace it, longer ones will only make it lose. If you cannot do it yourself be sure to consult an expert for easy installation.

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