How To Make Filipino Adobo, Sinigang, and Lechon

The Philippines is a nation that's frequently ignored by the rest of the world. Looking in history, there is definitely a lot of foreign influences to be discovered, specifically from the Chinese, the Japanese and even the Americans. Knowing that, you would surely be overwhelmed with the influences these cultures have had on the food. Although Filipino recipes are considered to be light in comparison to other dishes in the Asian area, there are lots of them which offer tastiness and only as much scrumptiousness. There are lots of dishes which visitors and tourists have found rather fascinating, and could not get enough of these at all. Below are just a couple of examples of these Filipino dishes when you ever decide to visit the country that you need to try:

Adobo – That is clearly among the very most famous dishes that the Filipinos invented, with several visitors praising it, frequently citing it among the best dishes they've tried in the United States. The dish mainly consists of either chicken, pork or both mixed in a sauce that is made of soy sauce together with other ingredients for example pepper, bay leaf and vinegar. This is a staple dish prepared in many Filipino homes.

Sinigang – This is only a soup dish which essentially combines salty and sour flavors. The stock is generally made with a suggestion of calamansi, guava or tamarind. You are able to combine in pork, chicken, shrimp or fish for this particular dish. Many foreigners have delighted in the unique flavor of this dish and have definitely found themselves longing for more of it. You can also see a number of foreigners coming up with cooking shows on YouTube showcasing ways to make this dish yourself.

Lechon – Now, that is definitely one of the very popular dishes that are Filipino. Just when you believed roasted pig cannot get any better, you couldn't have been wrong. The form of roast pig is cooked with a few herbs stuffed in it until it appears reddish.

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