How Proper Use Of Images Can Help Your Website

How Images Can be a Powerful Medium

to Draw Attention of Web Visitors?

Creating a website which can attract visitor's attention is a difficult task for any web design company and designers need to make use of different design elements to succeed in their endeavors. Images are one such design element which when used effectively can help to enhance visual appeal of your site. Apart from improving visual appeal, images can also be helpful in evoking right emotions in prospective customers. In the following sections let us go through details of how this can be possible by proper use of image psychology.

Usefulness of Image Psychology for Web Designing

Let us go through details of how:

  • Image psychology works
  • Image psychology can be used by web designers
  • Right placement helps in improving website's design

How image psychology works?

Images are quite important for us since they assist people in gathering required information as well as in clearly understanding how something works. Let us go through one example which clearly explains this fact. Generally, a small baby finds it hard to comprehend words of anger anyone expresses. However, the baby will be able to easily understand facial expressions that highlight anger. This is a very good example of functioning of image psychology. Moreover, as we grow up, we build clear emotional responses about different images we see. Thus, most people will have a predictable response while viewing a certain image. Now, with clear understanding of how image psychology works, we will move onto the topic of its use in website designing.

How image psychology can be used by web designers?

web design companyRight images can be quite helpful in intensifying certain emotions and in development of relational association among your web visitors and images they see. Let us go through few examples which clearly highlight use of image psychology.

  • Develop Sympathy: One good example of utilization of image psychology is seen on website of Care, which is a NGO we all know about. If you view their website you will find that many images have been used which enhance your emotions such as of sympathy towards the cause they support. As such, users respond in a positive manner due to quality of images posted on the site and their relevance to theme of the site.
  • Develop Passion: Another example we can look into is of Reebok and the images they use of their site for evoking passion in their users. You will find that here web design company has made a concerned effort to direct attention towards sports as well as to energize users viewing the images. By using such images designers will be able to draw viewers into purchasing their shoes.

How right placement helps in improving website's design?

In addition to selection of proper images, another aspect your web design company needs to focus on is right placement of those images to achieve desired effect. As such, images are to be added at places where it would be easy to grab attention of users.


From above details it is quite clear that proper selection as well as placement of images plays a crucial role in drawing user's attention and in enhancing visual appeal of any website.

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