Guidelines For Buying Bird Toy For Your Bird

For those who own a pet bird or plan on getting one in the future, you’ll have to get bird toys also. Bird toys are crucial to the health and well being of your bird. Bird toys provide mental stimulation to your bird to avoid boredom and help to provide habits that your bird would obviously act upon in the wild.

When you go to find toys for your bird, you want to discover a toy that’s the right size for your bird. If you pick a bird toy that’s too little for your bird, it may pose a choking hazard. If you choose one that’s too big, your bird may not play with it and massive pieces can frighten them.

Most pet shops that sell bird toys are going to have the toys separated into segments depending on the size of your bird. If you have a large bird, like a Macaw or African Grey, then you’ll have to pick bird toys with big pieces. The toy should have big blocks of timber and massive beads or other bits on it that your bird can chew on without danger of swallowing a piece. If you are interested¬†in buying bird toys for your birds then visit –¬†

In case you’ve got small birds, like cockatiels, parakeets, budgies or conures, you will likely have a much larger choice of toys to choose from since these are far more common birds as pets. Toys for these birds need to be made from pieces which are relative to their size. They shouldn’t be too big, as they can frighten the birds or perhaps injure the birds if they’re too big.

Though some large parrot toys might be alright to your smaller birds, you should generally avoid them, and stick with toys that are specially made for smaller birds. Lots of individuals unknowingly feel that their little birds will love having a larger toy and that it will last longer, but they really aren’t the best choice for small birds.

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