If you are looking for an economical sewing leather machine then the best options for you are FA-16 leather sewing machine by Necchi and FA-16 leather sewing machine by Omega. Both of these models are fewer in prices as compared to other names available in the market and these models are able to give you best quality of stitches on leather.

FA-16 Leather Sewing Machine by Necchi

FA-16 gives great advantages to the people who are willing to sew and stitch leather by the help of a good sewing leather machine . FA-16 is a model of a leather sewing machine produced by Necchi which includes the following features and specifications

There are total sixteen stitches in the FA-16 sewing machine model which gives variety and different stitching designs to leather and other thick materials.

The bobbin system of FA-16 leather sewing machine is top loading which makes this model to be counted in advance leather sewing machines.

You can also stitch straight with the help of FA-16 sewing machine model and whenever you want to stitch in reverse, you can easily do it because there is also an option of reverse stitching in this model.

Zipper application is also possible.

If you want to sew your leather in a zigzag style then with the help of FA-16 you can easily manage to do zigzag stitching.

There is a built-in needle threader and cutter in this machine which helps in saving time and you do not have to use your scissor every time you need to cut any thread.

There is also a De clutch mechanism and system in this machine.

You can easily manage to adjust the width length by the help of a dialer.

You can also manage to adjust the stitch length with the help of a dialer.

You can easily select pattern by the help of pattern selecting dialer present in this machine.

The FA-16 is a flatbed sewing machine.

WF21SS Leather Sewing Machine by Omega

Omega is another trustworthy company which is involved from many years in manufacturing good sewing machines. It has many sewing leather machine models and one of the best models is WF21SS. The important features and specifications present in WF21SS leather sewing machine by Omega are

The WF21SS leather sewing machine by Omega is a good quality walking foot leather sewing machine. It is designed very carefully to fill the needs of the sewer when stitching leather materials.

The size of the WF21SS leather sewing machine is small and you can carry it with you anywhere you would like to which makes it easy for the user to work in an environment where there is full level of comfort.

You can adjust the length size in this machine.

Width size can also be adjusted according to the need of the user.

WF21SS leather sewing machine by Omega includes a pedal for speed control that is of total 120 volts.

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