Essential Hair Care Tips For Women

A good hair day is very important as it can make you more confident and super attractive. If you can maintain your strong and shiny hair, then you can surely feel in a better position to make your enemies feel worse. If you feel good the first time, then you might as well feel like making it your daily routine. If you do not take proper care of your hair then you might also get dry hair / oily hair. If you want perfect solutions then you can take some basic hair care tips which are elementary but can make a big difference. In old age, hair fibers for women can help to work on areas of thin hair where you need protein fibers to fill the remaining space. Here are some tips to keep in mind for essential hair care:

Breaking And Hair Loss

  • If you want to minimize the brokerage then you must make your hair thoroughly wet before you apply shampoo
  • In order to get the strength back and cover for the thin areas you can also use Keratin hair thickening fibers which cling to your hair and bring back the volume.
  • Do not use accessories like funky hair pins and Bobby pins that damage your hair.


  • You should look for a shampoo which is based on your hair type, Dry and oily scalp need different types of shampoos.
  • You should shampoo on an alternative day at the same time you can have a hot oil hair massage
  • If you shampoo, then make sure that you also use a hair conditioner
  • The shampoo must be diluted with water before applying. And you should rinse it within 30 seconds of applying.


  • You should not directly pour hot water on your hair as it deprives it of all the natural oil that it has.
  • You can use lukewarm water to rinse your hair with conditioner and shampoo.

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