Eight Common Computer Problems

Most often, when we encounter PC problems, the first idea comes to us is to ask somebody for help, even if we need to pay for it. In fact, we can try to do it by self first, for some operations are not so difficult. Here are some tips.

Windows Update

Sometimes, many seemingly complex problems can be solved by the simplest methods. So, if there is something wrong with your windows system, you can run the windows update in the control panel. Problems may be readily solved after you fix the patches or download the new drive programs.

Computer Slowdown

As for this issue, it may be caused by the hardware or system error. Firstly, you can check if you have run out your disk space. When your C disk approaches to a limit value, you need to delete some content to get more space, or move some applications to other disks. Besides, you need to reduce some system start-up projects like automatically-updated application to make your computer run faster.

Internet Speed Slowdown

If you have a slow internet speed, you can log in the speedtest.net to test your speed. If there is something wrong, you can check your router. Supposed it is normal, you can call the broadband supplier to make sure if there is a problem in network service. If not, it may caused by the network card. You need to download the latest driver. If it still doesn’t work, then it may be the hardware. You need to change a new one.

Computer Keeping Reset

Commonly, computer keeping reset can be caused by two reasons. One is that your computer is infected by virus. In this case, you should boot the safe mode and kill the virus. The other is that your hardware has a poor performance of heat dissipation. You can clear you computer after you hardware become normal.

Pop-ups and Trojan

Usually, we will carelessly install some junk attachments or pop-up ads when we set up some necessary software. Trojan will follow these pop-ups and attachments. We can easily remove these junk attachments and block Trojan and phishing websites by some computer keepers or antivirus software, like SpyHunter, and Recure Pro.

WiFi Unconnected

Windows can not connect with WiFi or have no access right. Under the circumstances, we can try the solutions of “trouble shooting” and “automatically check for repair” in system first. If problem continues, we should check the router and PC hardware one by one.

Security Certificate Is Wrong on This Website

When surfing the internet, if the prompt “security certificate is wrong on this website” frequently displays, there may be an error in your system clock setting. Generally, CMOS battery in PC mainboard will keep the clock running. If it doesn’t work, you can change the battery.

If the tips above cannot solve your problems, you are recommended to seek for the relevant solution on the search engine. You should ask the after-sales maintenance department for help if you cannot make it on your own.

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