Classic Movies You Should Watch

Mahée Ferlini review movies online at filmcrave. You may check out her latest reviews online at Mahée's profile. Well, top on her list are two of my favourite movies too. One of these movies is the Chariots Of Fire. This movie is based on a true story. Through Mahee’s profile at filmcrave I have watched the trailer to this movie. She has also written the plot summary of this movie very well. In fact I finally had to watch the movie because after I watched the trailer, I felt a strong urge to watch the movie. It is a bit too long but because of the suspense, one does not get bored. The two main characters, Eric Liddell and Ben Cross have played their roles very well and with lots of passion and expertise. This movie actually won an Oscar in the 1981 Oscar awards.

On the other hand the next movie that Mahée Ferlini has reviewed was also a hit when it was release. It is both adventure and action movie and was directed by Steven Spielberg. Starring in the major roles are Harrison ford and Paul freeman. You should watch this movie too. It is all about finding the Ark of the Covenant and it is filled with lots of suspense and drama. Well, there are disputes that this movie should also have won the Oscars but the Oscar academy cannot be questioned.

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