Choosing Your Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Let us face it. You're halfway there, for those who are aware of what you need to look like. Attempting to explain your ring to a jeweler is another story. Your diamond engagement band setting is one of the important things which you'll have to take care of. Your diamond engagement ring setting describes your diamond is put into your ring, not to be confused with your ring style.

There is an assortment of options and every one helps to define the type of your ring.

The Prong

The diamond engagement ring is the prong. This is where your diamond is held in place with a set of claws or prongs. Not only does this enable your diamond to be secure it allows the light producing the glow and showing it off to advantage.

A setting will be suited for any diamond.

The Bezel

A setting is one that's durable but easy and one that suits rings in platinum or white gold. Regardless of what shape, your band's metal literally surrounds your diamond, holding it.

The advantage of working in a setting with a gold or platinum metal ring that is precious is that these will reflect the sparkle creating your diamond look larger. A ring will make your diamond appear yellowish if you use a metal that's not white that this will work in the way.

The Tension

Like the setting, a tension diamond engagement ring setting provides a twist. Between your band's two ends your diamond is squeezed having a tension setting, giving your diamond floating between the ends' illusion.

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