Cell Tower Lease Buyers: What Will They Pay?

Different buyers can pay different charges for different leases at differing times. Quite simply, each lease must be taken aside, piece by part.

Located area of the Tower/Rooftop

A cell tower’s location is complex in the analysis of the lease’s value. Some old towers may have grown to be less important to mobile phone carriers because they may have stuffed in their coverage by purchasing another carrier’s cell site.

They could have made a package to find their equipment on the competitor’s site or even purchased a whole carrier which site, your site, may have grown to be redundant.¬†For more information about Telecommunications/Cell Towers, you can check out via the web.

Whether your site is known as essential parts of the coverage now and in the foreseeable future is a simple of costing when buyers bet on your cell site. The actual prevailing rent is the region paid with a carrier or its opponents is also one factor in the computation of the worthiness.

Remaining Term on your own Lease

Most buyers will not inform you that the less time you have on your tower rent, the greater the lease will probably be worth. Since most leases are sub-par as it pertains to monthly lease, escalators and co-location, purchasers know that historically they’ll be in a position to re-negotiate the rent.

Often times they’ll be able to increase the rent, increase the escalators and add involvement in the sub-leases they could have with other companies who house their equipment and antennae.

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