Beauty Of Fake Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry has long symbolized class and sophistication. Only the wealthiest people had the finances to buy a string of matching natural pearls that were priced for their low production. time cultured pearls became available, owning pearls became an option available to more females. Today, imitation, artifical or simulated pearls are available for use in jewelry to provide wearers with an cheap alternative to the other options they have in jewelry.

Simulated Pearls

According to montanamanshops, there is lots of ways that artifical pearls are made. of these is from fish scales. In water, these scales have a pearly appearance from a substance that floats to the surface of the water. When the substance is mixed with varnish, it can be used to coat glass beads on the inside and then they are filled with wax to make simulated pearls.

A more popular way of making simulated pearls for pearl jewelry is by coating the outside of plastic or glass beads with pearl or d'orient powder. Plastic beads are first tumbled in wet powdered pumice to smooth the surface before being dipped in to a solution of pearl film. The more times the fake pearl is dipped in the solutions, the more valuable it will be. After receiving a final polish, the pearls are prepared to be used in jewelry.


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