5 Tips to Roast Deli Meats

Delve into the wide deli meat range, from pancetta and prosciutto to pepperoni and salami. The deli line adds a lot of flavour to your regular meals and can be used in almost everything. You can add the cold cuts to your sandwiches or top off your salads with it.

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Following are 5 tips that will help you roast the deli meats to perfection:

1. Set The Right Temperature

To roast deli meats perfectly, setting the temperature right is essential. The temperature for meat depends on its thickness. Ideally the outer crust needs to be crispy and the inside juicy. If your meat piece is thick then you must set your temperature low and if it’s thin then the temperature should be high.

2. Avoid Listeria

Listeria is commonly found in cold cuts and deli meats however it is possible to kill listeria bacteria by cooking it above a certain temperature. Roast your meat above 171F to kill the bacteria. People with autoimmune diseases, diabetes and cancer are more susceptible to catching it. You can get halal meat delivery Sydney wide from trusted websites to avoid the risk of listeria.

3. Line Your Baking Tray

Using a parchment or butter paper while roast the deli meat can save you the mess and cleaning time. Deli meat is usually fatty and the grease settles at the bottom of the pan while roasting. Using a baking paper will save your scrubbing time and make the work hassle free. It will also make it easier for you to transfer the roast and stop it from sticking to the bottom.

4. Add Your Vegetables To The Pot

You can create a healthy one pot deli roast dish by adding all your vegetables to the same pot. You would be able to enhance the flavours of both meat and vegetables, just pay attention to the cooking time of your vegetables so you don’t overcook them.

5. Let The Meat Rest

Giving your deli meat resting time is extremely important. If you start cutting your meat right out of the oven, all the juices will drain out of the meat making it dry.

This is your perfect guide to roasting deli meats give it a try and thank us later. 

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