4 Mistakes You Might Be Making in Boot Camp Class


Even the most motivated trainees do things that may seem little at the beginning but in the end it jeopardizes your boot camp results. You might be determined to get active and in shape but these common mistakes lead to a disaster.

Here are 4 common mistakes that trainees often make at a boot camp class:

1. Inattentive

If you aren’t paying attention in class then you won’t be aware of your surroundings. In order to know your body better and target specific areas it is important that you hear the instructor and follow their instructions. Observe them from your spot and try imitating their moves. Once you have the moves down, you can achieve the most out of that class.

2. Rushing

Don’t get hyper during the sessions and start rushing into things. If you aren’t giving the exercise proper time then doing it is useless. Before you rush to the next set, do the first one properly. This ensures that you don’t face a chronic injury.

3. Skipping Stretch

Do not start off with an intense workout right away, stretching is important and it is there for a reason. Start and end your sessions with stretching, think of it as a treat for your muscles.

4. Same Old Routine

If you have been doing the same rounds for the past 3 weeks then you are playing it too safe. Mix and match your fitness routine for best result. Our muscles and body gets used to of a certain set of intensity and after a while, the exercise stops affecting the body. So, always rotate your routine.

Muay Thai Fitness workouts are probably some of the most effective routines that we have witnessed. The intense workout routines improve stamina, endurance and strength. Try it if you are looking for great body results. 

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